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Temperature Falls were borne out of the chance meeting at a party in Oslo, Norway. Ian J Ward formerly a musician in UK Nu Metal Band 'Number One Son' had just moved to Norway, starting a new life in the isolation of a new country he had ventured into alone. During these early months Ian started to begin writing music once again in his newly rented basement apartment an hour North of Oslo, in a town called Jessheim.


 A chance meeting at a co workers party, he was introduced to Camilla who was known as a talented vocalist and musician who had not yet found the right project to showcase her talents. After a few weeks in Ians studio the first few tracks came to fruition and they both knew they had to continue this project. Every free moment of 2018 was crammed into writing - re-writing - recording  and writing some more, until they were satisfied they had put every drop of their souls into this record. 


inspiration and our Influences

Midway through the writing of the album - Camilla and Ian spent a week in New York just soaking up the atmosphere of the streets, local music venues and bars. This gave them a much needed vibe and direction to take their emotion and channel it further into the music writing process.

Mixing styles from a wide range of genres, from contemporary to classic artists such as the boom bap beats of classic KRS-One to vocal influences from the likes of Portishead and Sigrid.


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